Relatively new to the NPC/IFBB bodybuilding community, Classic Physique started to hit the stage in 2016. Many were excited as they felt this was a return to the old school days of bodybuilding.

From one of our So You Want To Compete athletes, Alan Guevara (pictured above): It takes it back to the old days in terms of physiques. Aesthetics play a bigger role than size. Imagine Frank Zane, even though he was less than 190lbs at 5’9″, he rocked the stage every time due to his symmetry. You have a cap for your weight depending on your height. Awesome division if you ask me!
Here’s a great video from the NPC about the Classic Physique Division.

What Do I Wear on Stage?

Men’s Classic Physique shorts must be black, matte, spandex, square cut. There should be no padding or endorsements (other than small logos from NPC, UnderArmor, Nike, etc.). You’ll attach your number on the LEFT side of your shorts. You cannot wear watches, jewelry (other than wedding bands) on stage.
You can purchase NPC shorts here.

What do I need to know about Tanning?

It’s highly recommended that you work with the tanning sponsor for whichever show you are competing in. They will know exactly how dark you need to be under the stage lights. The excessive application of oils, moisturizers, skin creams, tanning creams and like products is prohibited and may be used only in moderation. The application of tanning products must produce a natural tone so as to give the appearance of a natural tan. Products that produce an unnaturally colored tone, with an orange, yellow, red, green or gold hue, are prohibited. Bronzing agents that produce a metallic look are also prohibited. NOTE: Many venues/promoters will prohibit tanning in the venue other than with the official tanning sponsor. You might run the risk of disqualification.

Classic Physique Competitors need to Provide Music, Correct?

Yes. For the Finals portion of the show, you will be doing your routine. Please make sure the lyrics are CLEAN. House music will be provided during pre-judging. If you need help cutting your music, one of our partners will give you a digital copy of the length and cut you want for your show. Check on CatKlaw’s “The Sound Scene” to see if they can help you.

What am I Actually Doing on Stage?

You’re dancing! No, seriously, during Pre-Judging your entire class will be called out on stage and placed on diagonal lines in numerical order. The head judge will then call you up in groups to go through quarter turns and mandatory posing. Mandatory poses are:
  1. Front double biceps
  2. Side chest
  3. Back double biceps
  4. Abdominals and thighs
  5. Favorite classic pose (there is no most muscular pose)
Then, you are called back out individually to do the same mandatory poses, in the order they’re listed. You’ll have 60-seconds to do the 5 poses. You will head back to your diagonal line for the other competitors to do their mandatory poses.
Finally, the entire lineup is then called back onstage in numerical order along diagonal lines at each side of the stage. The head judge then directs selected competitors through the callouts (know your number), where the selected competitors are compared against each other in the quarter turns and mandatory poses. If the head judge calls out your number and asks you to switch places with another competitor, raise your hand and step to the back so you can rearrange yourselves on the center line.
For Finals, you’ll be stepping on stage by yourself the first time to do your routine. You have up to 3 minutes to complete all your poses. Once done, you’ll head off stage to get lined back up so that when your group is done with routines, you will all be called back out and placed on the diagonal lines. The head judge will again do callouts for quarter turns and mandatory poses.
And finally, the overall winners for each class? You’ll get 60-seconds to do pose downs to determine the over all Classic Physique winner.
Awards will be given at the end of every class.
If you crossover and do more than one class, for example, you decide to compete in Open and Masters, you will only do your routine once.

Height and Weight Limits

Classic Physique has both a height and weight limit. As of this posting, the following heights/weights are in effect.


Up to and including 5’ 4”                            Up to and Including 155 lbs
Over 5’ 4”, up to and including 5’ 5”         Up to and Including 160 lbs
Over 5’ 5”, up to and including 5’ 6”         Up to and Including 165 lbs
Over 5’ 6”, up to and including 5’ 7”         Up to and Including 170 lbs


Over 5’ 7”, up to and including 5’ 8”         Up to and Including 177 lbs
Over 5’ 8”, up to and including 5’ 9”         Up to and Including 185 lbs
Over 5’ 9”, up to and including 5’ 10”       Up to and Including 192 lbs


Over 5’ 10”, up to and including 5” 11”    Up to and Including 200 lbs
Over 5’ 11”, up to and including 6’ 0”       Up to and Including 207 lbs


Over 6’ 0”, up to and including 6’ 1”         Up to and Including 215 lbs
Over 6’ 1”, up to and including 6’ 2”         Up to and Including 225 lbs
Over 6’ 2”, up to and including 6’ 3”         Up to and Including 232 lbs
Over 6’3”, up to and including 6’ 4”          Up to and Including 240lbs
Over 6’4”, up to and including 6’5”           Up to and including 247 lbs
Over 6’5”, up to and including 6’6”           Up to and including 255 lbs
Over 6’6”, up to and including 6’7”           Up to and including 262 lbs
Over 6’7”                                                        Up to and including 270 lbs

Good luck with your Competition Goals!