We were asked about show registrations vs. association memberships. Each association (NPC, NGA, OCB, etc.) has their own association membership rules and applications.

If you are competing in the NPC this year, your membership is good for the 2017 calendar year. You can get your card here: http://npcnewsonline.com/join-the-npc/ – you can purchase it online or at any NPC show during check-ins. (If you’re purchasing them during check-ins, please note, you will need cash.)

We highly recommend, that if you are planning on competing in the 2017 year, regardless of WHAT association you choose, that you get your membership card earlier rather than later to help you offset the costs of competing. Competing, regardless of the association, is costly with training, nutrition, coaching, show registration fees, suits, and tanning.

Check the links on the Body Building Associations Posts in the News area for the lists of different associations and to find their membership information.