Bodybuilding is a popular outlet for many people focused on health and fitness around the world. It’s evolved over the years, and we continue to expect it to do so. And as such, there are a number of different associations to look into when you’re thinking about stepping on the stage.

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International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB)

Founded in 1946 by brothers Ben & Joe Weider, in Canada and the USA respectively, the International Federation of Bodybuilders has grown to include National Federations in 191 countries. The IFBB Mr. America was first held in 1949. Currently, the IFBB is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and oversees many international events, including the World and Continental Championships, and the Olympia and the Arnold here in the United States. The IFBB has been a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) since 1969 and is a founding member of the International World Games Association (IWGA), which are both recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

National Physique Committee (NPC)

In the United States, the National Physique Committee is the amateur arm of the IFBB. The IFBB recognizes only one amateur physique federation per country. The NPC was formed in 1982 after government legislation caused many sporting events – like track and field, and physique competitions – to break away from some of the other federations.

National Gym Association (NGA)

The National Gym Association was founded in 1979. The NGA promotes and sanctions “all natural” professional, amateur, and figure competitors with over 50 contests nationwide. The NGA was founded by Andy Bostinto.

Muscle Mania

Founded in 1991, MuscleMania is a natural bodybuilding organization with physique, fitness, sports model, and natural bodybuilding competitions. There are two branches of MuscleMania competitions. One is MuscleMania World championship and other one is MuscleMania America. MuscleMania World Championship is open to all natural body builders. MuscleMania America is only for competitors from Canada, Mexico and the US.

Organization of Competition Bodies (OCB)

Matt Shepley founded the OCB in 2003. The OCB promotes Natural Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Physique Competitions in the US.

The International Federation of Physique Athletes (IFPA)


The IFPA seeks to improve the health, awareness, and quality of drug free competitive bodybuilding while maintaining the integrity of the sport. The IFPA is dedicated to the growth, education, awareness and proliferation of competitive drug free bodybuilding on a global scale. It is their mission to ensure drug free athletes are provided the opportunity to compete with other natural athletes, that they are judged fairly and are rewarded for their efforts.

World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc. (WBFF)

The WBFF is a lifestyle brand servicing the fitness, beauty, fashion, competitive sport, health, and wellness industries. Through event production and mass media the WBFF is a quickly growing beauty and fitness organization in the industry merging fashion and beauty in a unique and spectacular events.The WBFF hosts events across North America and around the globe and is home to some of the most fascinating, glamorous and most beautiful models in the world.

North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF)

In the early 80’s, the North American Natural Bodybuilding Association (NANBA), was founded by Jim Evans in Minnesota with a goal to promote drug tested bodybuilding shows. Through the 80’s and early 90’s, under the leadership of Jim Evans and later Lee Graese, the association became the leader in the drug free movement. The organization then changed leadership and the momentum was lost. Problems developed and the organization began to struggle. In 1994, the state chair people, regional chair people, and promoters met and decided that a new direction, and in essence, a new beginning was required. Three individuals stepped forward to head up the reorganization: Scot Dickerson from Des Moines, Iowa; Dave Cammon from Flint, MI; and Todd Mills from Omaha, NE. Under their leadership a new organization was formed and the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation was born.

International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (INBF)/World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)


INBF is the amateur division of the WNBF. Since 1990 the WNBF has been promoting stringently drug-tested, professionally produced bodybuilding events in the U.S. and abroad. The first professional drug-tested bodybuilding contest, the WNBF Pro Natural Mr. Universe, was held on March 17, 1990 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thirteen men, from 10 different US States took the stage.

United Natural Bodybuilding Association (UNBA)

The United Natural Bodybuilding Association promotes health and wellness through physical fitness and proper nutrition. UNBA’s goal is to provide the natural athletes a place in which to compete in a fair and fun environment, where competitors receive great awards, have good sportsmanship, and no politics. All UNBA contests are drug tested.

You can learn more about the UNBA at:

International Natural Bodybuilding Association (ABA/INBA/PNBA)

International Natural Bodybuilding Association (also known as INBA) is an Australian bodybuilding, physique; figure, fitness and bikini competition business. In 1991, Wayne McDonald established the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Federation (ANBF). During 1991-1992, the ANBF “natural” status was 12-months drug-free, later in 1995, a full five year drug-free minimum standard was introduced. In 1998, INBA created the annual Natural Olympia contest. The first contest was held in Greece, Australian athletes joined 160 others at the inaugural event. The INBA Natural Olympia is also unique as contest travels the globe; hosted each year in locations like Hawaii and Las Vegas. In 1999 the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Federation changed the name to the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA). INBA Australia has been an accredited member of WADA (and formerly IOC) drug testing body and the Australian Sports Anti-Drug Authority (ASADA).

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Natural Physique Association (NPA) – UK

The NPA successfully promotes the sport of Natural Bodybuilding in the UK, and is now in their 13th year. There are 5 qualifying competitions all leading to the NPA British Championships in October. The NPA drug tests (to WADA standards), and polygraph, at all competitions.

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Natural Physique Association (NPA) – US

The Natural Physique Association (NPA) is an independent organization which promotes sanctioned drug-free
amateur and professional bodybuilding, physique/figure and bikini events within the Continental United States
of America, to include Alaska and Hawaii. The NPA as it is sometimes called was founded and organized in the
year 2000, making it a true new millennium organization. It is owned by the Si-Flex Physique Club Inc. and
managed by its reigning President/CEO, Harry E. Silas. Articles and a constitution/rulebook for the NPA were
written and established in January of 2002, the same year the Pro division was birthed and the Association
registered in a USA court of law for it’s trademark name and business license. The NPA annually recruits
administrators,officials, promoters and athletes to serve in its ranks.

World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO)/FAME World Events

From its inception in 1998, World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) was created as an outlet for those looking to compete on an even playing field…naturally. WNSO organizes natural bodybuilding and fitness competitions, TV shows and Expos across North America. Leveraging Partnerships with the biggest names in the industry- TSN, GNC, Musclemag, Fitness Business Canada, Tourism Toronto – WNSO has been able to create a quality brand faster than any other in the industry. Through grassroots advertising and strong marketing fundamentals, WNSO has become one of North America’s leading health and fitness organizations. This has been achieved by consistently providing and producing a quality product, reaching new markets and continual innovation.

Check out their website at:
FAME World Events, hosted by World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) has fast become one of North America’s highest ranking fitness events. FAME World Events fuses together the most popular elements in today’s fitness industry, creating one dynamic show which offers an abundance of inspiration, entertainment and opportunity for all participants.

United States Bodybuilding Federation (USBF)

Offering natural athletes the opportunity to compete in local, regional, and national bodybuilding competitions where fair and objective drug testing is a priority.

The United States Bodybuilding Federation membership covers amateurs and professionals.

Memberships are categorized as follows:

  • Men and Women’s Bodybuilding
  • Men and Women’s Physique
  • Figure
  • Bikini

Athletes can compete in multiple classes:

  • Master’s 35+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+
  • Teens and Juniors
  • Debut and Novice

Supernatural Bodybuilding & Fitness Inc. (SNBF)

The SNBF is a Christian-based, drug free association who has been hosting events since 1996. They teach and mentor individuals and businesses on living a drug free lifestyle while focusing on healthy programs consisting of proper nutrition and training programs.

Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC)

Run purely for the good of the natural athletes, the DFAC is a not about making profit. Thier aim is the development of natural bodybuilding as a sport. Qualification is required for the World Finals, giving a structured tiered system for the DFAC amateur competitors. The DFAC wants to present Pro competition where the athletes are showcased in a way that the high standard of these athletes deserves. The DFAC adheres to stringent drug testing and adheres to WADA. Every athlete finalist is polygraphed and all class winners at every show are urine tested. We also do out of competition Random tests. The DFAC feel that this is the best way to ensure all our athletes are truly Drug Free!

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